New Radio Broadcasting Concept


MTM and the Youth Digital are coming together to launch a new concept in radio broadcasting. The joint merger will see the setting up of “Heads Up” radio and will be promoted as an “A&R Radio Network for the music industry” with a focus on the music of quality unsigned bands.

Both are web based broadcasters, but they are already adding more to their overall delivery with events, training and wider media opportunities to unsigned acts.

MTM Director, Kyla Wight said, “This merger just makes complete sense. Here are two organisations seeking to get more airplay for unsigned acts. Both of us working to achieve this aim can only be of benefit to those struggling to be heard”

Youth Digital Network IT Director Nicholas Smith said, “We found that there were too many similarities in what we were doing so us coming together makes us both stronger.”

At the moment you can still find out what each of the networks are individual doing by searching for Over the next week or so there will be more information on exactly how this merger will work.

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