Jamm tyme
The JAMM TYME train has been steaming through the UK over the past year.Their infectious tracks have already gained them thousands of hits over the main social networking websites of You Tube and My Space. Now the UK UNSIGNED chart busting track, "Fitness Test", is now set to become the 2012 youth theme tune as their support team have bringing this tune to the attention of the nation's top athletes. JAMM TYME stands for Just Any Modern Music Theme You May Enjoy, and they take great pleasure in introducing all types of musical genres to their productions. To top it all, their dance moves also add to the genuine excitement that is generated at all of their live performances as well. With the nation now recognizing the talents of a number of UK based MC's, these young men have really got what it takes to be the first MC group to dominate the national charts in the very near future.

UKU Chart Entries