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UKU Agency & Label Auditions

For our 15th year in succession, UK UNSIGNED can announce their showcase series for this autumn with real support for aspiring performers. In conjunction with Latchmere Productions, we start on Saturday 18th October at the Bedford, 77 Bedford Hill, London, SW12 9HD, from 7pm, hosted by top comedianne, Mel G & Katie Powers from Brent Community Radio.
We have the following support centres in our network:
1) Our own performance network where we can host our own mini-tours
2) A booking agency "HiCrEc 99"
3) A music label Selah Recrodings
4) Radio Network - Youth Radio Network
5) Online TV Network - Youth Digital Network
6) Creative Business & Funding Planning & Advice - SABA Communications
7) Performing Arts Training - UK UNSIGNED Performance & Education Project
8) Vocal Training - Chidi Melton (who has worked with international singers such as James Brown, Stevie Wonder & Kirk Franklin)
9) Studio Recording Facilities - Including FREE sessions at our Tottenham based studios
10) Whilst we cannot guarantee international success, we can provide you with the tools for you to be able to generate real income from your talent.

See www.ukunsigned.tv or www.ukunsigned.net or call 0208 885 1179 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or text 07932 949 319 for details

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The HiCrEc 2014 Season

The HiCrEc 2014 Tour will cover Luton, Bristol, Birmingham & London in the autumn of 2014. The tour will be a series of Awards & Showcases to highlight the contributions of community based Hidden Creative Economy contributors who have been pursuing their craft for a minimum of the past 25 years without mainstream support or recognition. For the first time also, the categories will include sports amongst its numbers in line with the Department of Culture & Media's definition of the creative industries. The HiCrEc Awards are about recognition and not on voting as the decision is made by the HiCrEc committee. However, we do welcome suggestions from the public in the lead up to the events. If you would like to recognise the creative contribution of someone in you area who has contributed to the local community from 1989 and beyond, just email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Stay tuned for more details...

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UKU Studios

The UK UNSIGNED studios are now ready for production at our offices in Wembley, Camberwell Milton Keynes and Tottenham. We have opened studios for a wide number of services which include recording demos, radio adverts, film editing and music mastering.

Our production teams includes producers who consistently deliver work to industry standard and are in constant demand from both major and independent companies. If you would like to find out more about what we have to offer then call the SABA office on 0208 776 6776.

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