We have now set up our performers agency to be called HiCrEc 99. This reflects the fact that 99% of performers and trying to get into the 1% which obviously includes the likes of Rhianna, Lady GaGa, Jay Z, Beyonce, etc. The reality for the vast majority is that there will never be in that 1%, however the pursuit of that 1% is what maintains the energy of this sector. Even after 15 years of running UK UNSIGNED, we still have performers letting us know that they are still recording and releasing new material, even where they do not see how they will receive any income to recover their costs.

HiCrEc 99 will seek to work with those performers, seeking to attain that 1% status, but are also aware of the realities of the industry. We shall be working with working with performers with the obvious talent, but they will also need to show they have the drive, discipline, aptitude and attitude to pursue those areas which are also required to succeed. Over the coming weeks we shall be announcing a number of events, initiatives and projects through which we shall be either recruiting for more HiCrEc 99 members, or giving our talent their opportunities to show what they can do.


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