Weekly TV Streaming


UK UNSIGNED, working with Dancehall City and KibtTV will be rolling out a new weekly online streaming programme. The live streams will be filmed from our new TV studios in south west London and will feature some of the hottest acts on our UK UNSIGNED network. Acts who are interested in taking part should register their profiles on www.ukunsigned.net and then they’ll be given details about where to attend for the first pilot screenings.


More details will be revealed over the coming days as the first batch of artists to be profiled will be those entering the Song for Jamaica competition . This will be officially launched on August 6th in line with Jamaica’s Independence and will be run in association with www.dancehallcity.com . The winner of this competition will perform in Jamaica in 2013 for the Makka Pro/Jamnesia Surfing Festival, supported by the Jamaica Tourist Board and Red Bull.


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